Business Planning

In my practice I work a great deal with business owners. From start up companies to companies that have been in business for three generations. Here are just a few common questions that I have been asked by business owners:

"With the current health care law changes, how does this affect my business today, tomorrow and in the future?"

"When is a good time to have a buy-sell agreement? And once we establish one when is a good time to fund the agreement?"

"I would like to sell my business in the next 1-5 years. What do I need to do as a business owner to set up my business to sell to a family member or a key employee?"

"How often should I review my employee benefits?"

"I have a business account established and it currently has a great deal of cash in it. Are there better alternatives for this account?"

"When should I incorporate and which corporation is best suited for my business?"

"We set up a buy-sell agreement years ago and haven't looked at it. Do we need to review it or fund the agreement?"

"I am starting a business and want to set up a retirement plan and employee benefits but how do I know which plans are right for my business?"

"How do I carve out benefits for my top employees?"

"How do I offer benefits to my employees without costing the company any money?"

Pemberton Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. can help you answer these and many other questions you may have in regards to your business practice. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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